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‘Saint Felix School – swimming against the tide’

According to the 2013 School Swimming Census ‘Learning the Lesson: The Future of School Swimming’, a staggering 51% of children aged 7-11 cannot swim 25 metres of a standard sized swimming pool unaided and a shocking 39% of children in this age range do not even have access to regular swimming lessons through school and are deemed to be unsafe in and around water. The situation has become so bad that The Amateur Swimming Association (ASA) is warning that more children may drown without better school swimming provision.


We have bucked this trend for many years. Having invested in a state-of-the art pool just over a decade ago, 100% children aged 7-11 now participate in school swimming lessons with 49% completing further swimming lessons or squad training sessions outside of the curriculum. 98% of these children are able to swim unaided for 25 metres which is well above the national average.


The National Curriculum for schools in England states that children should be able to swim 25m unaided by the end of primary school. In 2013, 100% of Year 6 Pupils at Saint Felix will finish Key Stage 2 as confident and competent swimmers with many having the ability to swim way beyond the recommended distance.


In addition to having a swimming attainment rate which twice surpasses the national average, We offer in excess of 23 hours access to school swimming lessons, taught by highly skilled and qualified, UKCC/ASA Level Two Swimming Teachers.  This is above the 22 hours recommended by the Department of Education and over 14 hours more than the national average. In fact, only 2% of schools surveyed delivered the recommended 22 hours.


All children at Saint Felix School from Reception through to Year 6 have access to 30/40 minute swimming lessons every week of the school year comprising stroke and skill development, water safety and, perhaps most importantly, personal survival techniques. Swimming also features in the academic curriculum with current Year 11 pupils achieving an average of 96% at GCSE level in personal survival and swimming disciplines.


Swimming plays an integral part of life at Saint Felix School from grass roots school swimming, which is clearly delivering above and beyond the national expectations, to an elite training programme producing Regional and National medallists.


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